Nittur Central School.

A place for Growth Change

Welcome to Nittur central School. We strive to provide highest quality education, bridging your child's success with infrastructure of knowledge and creativity.

The academy offers advanced studio course for uppers and seniors, which includes visits to museums and a student-designed capstone project and exhibition.

Bringing out the talent within

Limitless learning and opportunities

Message from the Founders

Instructors at nittur central school expose students to diverse dance and choreography as they explore dance as a language.

Nittur Central School was established in 2009 by Sri Sai Edcuation Society with Sri.Venkateshwar Nittur , a genuine hardworking businessman and a philanthropist as founder chairman , Smt.Latha Nittur , educationist and Shikshana Sadhaki Awardee as its secretary and a visionary director Sri.Prasanna T B , with a vision of providing many Ratnas to Bharat and Nobel laureates to the world in the coming years. As our mission statement –“ Education for peace and prosperity” goes, we believe in making our children love peace before prosperity. So we believe in holistic approach to education which turns out a child to be society-centered instead of self-centered